The Carbon Footprint of an Airport Shuttle in Galveston, TX

We all share the same planet, which means we all have a personal responsibility to take care of our planet. While your impact as an individual is not as significant as a major corporation, you can still make a difference by choosing eco-friendly options when they’re available. One meaningful way you can reduce your carbon footprint is by taking public transportation whenever possible, like our airport shuttle in Galveston, TX.

Transportation is one of the largest sources of carbon emissions in the United States, if not the largest. Every petroleum-fueled vehicle on the road emits pollution that dirties the local community’s air and ultimately contributes to the degradation of Earth’s ozone layer.

While a shuttle bus produces carbon emissions just like other personal vehicles, the overall impact is much smaller. Why? Personal vehicles transport far fewer people, and, in many cases, they transport only one. An airport shuttle in Galveston, TX, or another bus, however, can comfortably carry large numbers of people in a single vehicle. That’s why their carbon footprint is so much smaller, and why they are a more eco-friendly option.

What the Data Says

A study by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) found that transportation accounted for roughly a third of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Of that third, more than half of the emissions came from personal vehicles like cars, trucks, and SUVs. The study concluded that by driving personal vehicles less, an individual could significantly decrease their personal carbon footprint.

Choosing an airport shuttle in Galveston, TX, over a taxi or rideshare car is a small choice that makes a real difference. Make sure you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest by picking the most environmentally friendly options when they’re available. You’ll relax more knowing you did something good for our planet.